These are some samples questions for UPSC prelims general studies paper-1. We are not guaranteed to the accuracy of its answers, please also verify from other sources.

Q1 - Despite being a high saving economy, capital formation may not result in significant increase in output due to?
A - high capital-output ratio.

Q2 - After the Santhal Uprising subsided, in 1855-56 what were the measures taken by the colonial government?
A - 'Santhal Paraganas' were created. and It became illegal for a Santhal to transfer land to a non-Santhal.

Q3 - What is Human capital formation 
concept explain in terms of a process which enables?
A - Human capital formation concept process enables the increasing the knowledge, skill levels and capacities of
the people of the country and accumulation of intangible wealth.

Q4 - Economically, the results of the British rule in India in the 19th century was?
A- commercialization of Indian agriculture and Ruin of artisans and handicraftsmen of India and cheap, machine made goods
imports flooded the Indian market.

Q5 - If the President of India exercises his power as provided under Article 356 of 
the Constitution of a particular State, then?
A - The powers of the Legislature of that State shall be exercisable by or under
the authority of the Parliament and The Parliament passes the state legislative bills and the state budget.

Q6 - What are GPS (Global positioning system) application?
A -  Location - determining a position
 Navigation - getting from one location to another
Tracking - monitoring object or personal movement
 Mapping - creating maps of the world
Timing - bringing precise timing to the world

Q7 - What are Treasury bills?
A - Treasury bills are issued by the Government of India and not issued by the state Governments. Treasury bills issued for three tenors, 91 day, 182 day and 364 day. Treasury bills are zero coupon securities and pay no interest. They are issued at a
discount and redeemed at the face value at maturity.

Q8 -What is the concept of  "Conservation Agriculture"?
A -  The concept of  Conservation Agriculture is the process by which includes soil management practices that minimize the disruption of the soil's structure, composition and natural biodiversity. no burning of crop leave and minimum use of harmful pest control.

Q9 - What is The term "sixth mass 
extinction/sixth extinction" is often used in the news?
A - The term sixth mass is related to Mankind's over-exploitation/misuse of
natural resources, framentation/loss of natural habitats, destruction of ecosystems, pollution and global climate change.

Q10 - How many satellite in Indian 
Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS),
A - Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS), have Seven satellites, IRNSS has three satellites
in geostationary and four satellites in geosynchronous orbits.